A Fresh New Outlook at Work

Cubespace, in collaboration with design partner Monto Projects, is proud to introduce the Cultivate height adjustable desk with integrated planter box divider.

Greenery in the workplace benefits everyone

Inject some life into your next workspace project! With Cultivate it’s now easy to combine all the practicalities of an ergonomic workstation solution with the feelgood factor of real plants – creating an environment where people actually want to be.

Workers will breathe a little easier with more plants in the office. Plant screening adds a lovely textural layer of privacy which aids worker comfort and well-being. Employers will love to know that adding natural elements into workspaces is said to increase workplace productivity and creativity.

Best of all – Cultivate looks good and performs just as well as all of our other workstations! It stays independent at any desk height and is ready to be filled with your choice of lush greenery.

Cultivate is 100% Australian-made in-house by Cubespace using locally sourced materials. It is completely modular and custom-made to order – so, the sky is the limit to your choice of sizes, colours and materials.

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